Photo Project TeamWork/ZusammenArbeit Book & Exhibition

The photo project “ZusammenArbeit – TeamWork” was initiated by the Town of Bocholt (Germany) in order to mark Bocholt’s twin and partner towns jubilee in 2017. The photographic result will be presented in an exhibition in Bocholt, Germany in 2017 (the exact date of the opening will be announced in due time). There is also the aim to publish a book alongside.

On this page you, as an invited participant, will find all the information you need in order to take part as a photographer in the photo-project “ZusammenArbeit / TeamWork”.

PDF of German information folder about the photo project “TeamWork” (includes examples of photos already taken in Bocholt) Click HERE

Summary of photo project in English – explains the project in detail Click HERE

Summary of photography format (how to make the pictures) in English – please, read this carefully Click HERE

Portrait/Model release form (declaration of agreement) in English – must be signed by every person who is photographed (is seen in the picture) Click HERE

Excel catalogue for photo shoots in English – you need this in order to keep records of all the photographs taken when/where/by whom etc. Click HERE
(The Excell-file will download to your „Download“-Folder)

Video link to the video in which the “Making of photographs” is explained with examples – please, use this video before you start making photographs Click HERE
(The movie will start automatically or download to your „Download“-Folder)



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